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We were moving and our move was pushed a few days back. I was here when the Dallas water employees came to disconnect water.

I begged the two city of Dallas employees to not turn off the water that I needed to call and have it extended a few days. They complied but one said they would be back if no order was received. He Had a pretty rude attitude. I called 311 and had a very helpful woman help me get the issue resolved.

I was out and came home later to find my water turned off. The two employees did not even bother to check on the new order and just shut our water off. It is now 8pm and NO WATER. My kids are using the bushes outside to go to the bathroom and we are using bottled water to brush teeth.

We live in a nice neighborhood as well so this is ridiculous we have to use the outside as our toilet because city of Dallas hires rude, insensitive jerks who don't know how to read their orders. It is terrible those two rude city of Dallas employees came back and turned off our water knowing I was having it taken care of. I am writing the Mayor, making a congressional inquiry, etc because we have paid our bills always and to be treated this way is unacceptable.

There must be some sort of accountability for behavior like this. Water is a necessity!

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #788791

"A Congressional inquiry" Thanks! Best laugh I've had in a while!

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